Do you suffer with any skin problems? My biggest skin issue at the moment isn’t actually just mine. My 2 year old daughter is suffering with it too. I’ve suffered with eczema periodically throughout my life, particularly during times when life has run me down through tiredness, extreme stress or occasionally caused by an allergy. Recently, Posy and I both have patches of eczema on our wrists. Mine is an allergy to something in my watch strap, but we’re still not sure of the cause of hers. Other products hadn’t helped and the timing of being gifted* this MooGoo product to try was perfect.

What does MooGoo mean?

I hadn’t heard of MooGoo before but have done a great deal of reading since we agreed to try out their Soothing Moisturiser. Something that definitely sounded perfect for our skin, especially for Posy who has been finding itching irresistible.

The founder, Craig Jones’ mother used a cream (developed especially to prevent dairy cows udders from cracking) to soothe her psoriasis. Craig created a more ‘human-friendly’ formulation which became popular with family and friends who dubbed the cream, ‘MooGoo’. Makes sense now, right?

The brand has a full range of skincare, haircare, suncare, baby products and make up products which I’d be interested to try out too. If you want to know more about the brand you should check out their ‘About Us’ here. It’s full of personality and really made me think even more highly of the company.

What makes MooGoo Soothing Moisturiser special and just what is MSM?

Firstly, this product is dairy free despite what the brand name might make you think, which is great for anyone vegan. It’s also reassuring for a lot of us that the brand don’t test on animals, preferring to test on themselves!

I have quite limited knowledge of skincare and make up ingredients and am testing this as a lay person, so I’ve taken this information straight from the MooGoo website. The Soothing Moisturiser contains the following key ingredients:

  • Natural oils like Sweet Almond & Coconut Oil
  • 10% MSM (organic sulphur which is a natural skin-soothing compound)
  • Natural healthy ingredients such as Allantoin, Aloe Vera & Honey
  • Naturally preserved using Hops Extract so that the product is free of Parabens and Phenoxyethanol.

What does MooGoo Soothing Moisturiser feel and smell like?

Although quite thick when you first apply it to the skin, the product is lightweight and absorbs quickly without leaving a film on the surface of your skin. I’ve been using it under my make up and my skin has felt amazing. It smells milky and sweet if that’s not a strange thing to say. But not sweet in an artificial and sickly way like a lot of products can smell. In a natural way as if you’d just made a milky drink before bedtime kind of way, I suppose.

This is the first time I’d used natural skincare. To date, I have used mainstream high street drugstore products so it was interesting to see how effective I would find straying from the path of familiarity.

The Packaging

If you’re looking for something to star in the background of a slick Instagram post, this probably won’t be it. However, what I genuinely loved about the packaging is how informative it is. It has information about its uses, how to apply it and the ingredients. My daughter LOVES the picture of the cow on the front and keeps asking for ‘cow cream’.

What did we love about it?

MooGoo Soothing Moisturiser is really calming and there was a reduction in Posy’s urge to itch almost immediately. It didn’t get rid of the redness completely but the steroid cream we used from the GP hasn’t either and Posy’s eczema was much worse than mine before we tried the product. It’s worth mentioning that there is a specific MooGoo Eczema Cream that we haven’t yet tried. I expect we would fare much better with that considering the benefit we got just from the moisturiser.

I, however, had far more success!

4 days of using the product saw a huge improvement to my skin.

The lovely thing about this product is that it’s for everyone and to use everywhere – face and body. I was confident using it on my children, and both my husband and I have been using it. He works in heavy industry and has very dry hands and has even seen an improvement from using this moisturiser. It’s nice to have an effective product to reach for that has become a skincare hero for our family.

Would we recommend the MooGoo Soothing Moisuriser?

In a heartbeat! The results can’t be argued with. We’ve had such a great first impression of the brand that we’ll definitely look to purchase in the near future.

Have you tried MooGoo products or will you be interested to try them out following this review? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

*Gifted. We will always provide our honest opinions of any products we are sent to try and be transparent about and gifted or paid posts.

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