Gelli Baff from Zimpli Kids

We were recently gifted* some products to try out ahead of Christmas from a company called Zimpli Kids. They were kind enough to send us two packs of their Gelli Baff and a Slimon Shooter.

Gelli Baff has been one of Zimpli Kids best selling products since 2007. There has been mention of similar products containing high levels of Boron, making users unwell. With that in mind I looked into the products from Zimpli Kids before accepting any items. However, the products from Zimpli Kids meet global safety standards so I had no qualms about us trying them.

Gelli Baff and Slimon Shooter

Using Gelli Baff is very simple which I was pleased about. The pack comes with instructions detailing the water level, when to add the powder and how to mix it. Once the coloured powder is added to the bath water, the consistency is quite quickly a thick jelly. I then added more water until it resembled a ‘slushie drink’ consistency.

I requested that Toby put his hand in it and then we went away for the fifteen minutes while it changed into jelly, just to make sure he wouldn’t have a reaction to it. He has sensitive skin and so I wondered if this would irritate his skin but he was fine.

When presented with the Slimon shooter he was even more excited – which four year old child isn’t thrilled by a slime gun? There are two settings on the Slimon shooter – one that is more like a shower setting and one that’s a simple spray. It is easily filled up like most bath toys. Simply place it under the surface of the jelly/water and pull the plunger out to fill, then lift it out and fire the contents out using the plunger.

Contents of the Gelli Baff box - sachets of gelli baff

My only reservation about the product was the worry that he’d get it in his eyes or mouth and I did repeatedly warn him that his face would need to stay away from it at all times. Like most little kids he did test the boundaries a bit, turning the slime shooter on himself and narrowly missing his face but all in all it was fantastic and the most important thing was his enjoyment which was absolute.

When eventually he agreed to let me transform it back into water, we made a game of adding the magic powder to soften the disappointment. We let it drain away with him playing with every last drop and then showered him to make sure any remaining Gelli Baff bits were completely removed.

Is Gelli Baff safe for the environment? Will it block my drain? Will it stain anything?

Gelli Baff is also safe to drain away without any negative consequences. There initially seemed something unnerving about bathing my child in what looks like a science experiment but the Zimpli Kids website gives assurances that any ingredients used in the product are perfectly safe for the child and the environment. My drains were fine afterwards and there was no staining to my white bathroom suite.

What were our thoughts?

Having thought more about it, I think in the warmer weather it would be quite fun in a paddling pool where the kids could really go to town and there’s even less potential for mess. The Slimon Shooter would make for a great water/Gelli Baff fight. We’d thoroughly recommend both products and look forward to having more fun with them in the near future.

*We received these as a gift to review but I will only ever provide my honest opinion.

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