Distinctive Creations

For what feels like a lifetime, I have coveted the creations of British jewellery designer, Alex Monroe. His designs are beautifully whimsical and quirky but completely wearable and for the design and craftsmanship that goes into each piece, I believe they’re all very affordable. I can’t remember how I even came across his work but it was love at first sight.

I was so happy to receive my first piece as a birthday gift from my family.

The Posy Heart necklace almost looks antique and these photographs just don’t do it justice at all. What makes it slightly more special is the fact that my daughter is also called Posy.

The jewellery is very versatile and can just as easily be worn with a tea dress as it can a plain white tee and jeans.

Over the years, I’ve spied Alex Monroe pieces on people and the wearer has always seemed pleased when I’ve mentioned their jewellery, almost as if we’re part of an unspoken club where only others who love the brand just as much would recognise and appreciate the jewellery in the same way.

I know that this won’t be my only Alex Monroe piece but it’s definitely a great start. What would be your first purchase?

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